About Nugget Training

The concept and the web site were created to enahance the training of chef managers who generally found themselves in need of some assistance for one of two reasons.

Those new to the role were likely to have been promoted into the role as part of a change of contract process that saw an incumbent head chef or catering manager leave that position. The chef, or perhaps head chef or cook, would have been 'made-up' to the post of chef manager. a role that might well have been entirely new to them. Having been TUPE'd over to the new contractor the new chef / manager would have to learn in short order the new process and procedures accepoting new paper work formats and most probably new standards of work and supervision.


Accepting the role and that friends and colleagues are now staff to be supervised. Being the new boss. Problems and concerns.

Coping with ordering, perhaps new to online ordering

Understanding how cash is handled

Considering the new 'cashless' system.

Looking at everything differently





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