Bad Practice - a discussion with examples.

open bag left overnight


This bag left open on the water plant over night.

The bag was split in the warehouse and an attempt to salvage it has been made. But all split bags should be put into a double white disposal bag. don't risk vermin traces or foreign objects getting into your mix.

knives, dirty and unsafe.

This might not seem at first glance to be such a bad thing to do. The knife is to hand and almost safe.

But all three are dirty and the sharp edges a risk to a baker taking a addmix bag. The injury would be even worse because the knife is held firmly in the cardboard.

If, as a baker, you do not have a belt sheaf for your knives then keep them flat, sharp and clean on a flat surface.

obstrcuting th ecustomer shop

We all know that having rollers on th eshop floor is now a fact of everyday. customers don't like it but they tolerate it with some understanding.

This example shows an extreme. We have to restock the roll shelves throughout the day but shown here are just too many sets of baskets at one time and placed too close to the shelves.

There is a better way.

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