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Every web site has links inbound and out. This web site has very few outbound..

Some may, if you click on the link, charge a very small sum to help pay for the hosting of the web site. Others may pay a small percentage of commision should you make a purchase. All such links are clearly indicated either by text, a flyover message or an orange surround.

But more importantly are the links to web sites that give you the opportunity to find out more about a subject, text your knowledge or perhaps allow you to take (often free) an online course.

The Food Standards Agency have a great resources in this area - Food Allergy Online Training. For an hour or twos' work you can complete a fairly simple set of multiple choice questions and then, provided you haven't cheated and get above 85% pass mark, can download and printout a completion certificate.

The web site is very infomative - and may catch you out. It did me in some areas.

Among others was this memorable previous lack of knowledge!

Sorry, that is incorrect. The allergens found in Veal & ham pie are:

  • Sulphites – in the ham
  • Egg
  • Celery – in the bouillon
  • Fish – in the Worcestershire sauce
  • Wheat – in the vinegar in the Worcestershire sauce and flour
  • Barley – in the Worcestershire sauce
  • Milk

Of particular interest is this page about the allergens in various dishes across a range of cuisines.




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