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As a contract caterer we have an excellent support system. but occasionally some strange, confusing and unhelpful notices and forms are produced for use in the unit.

This example of a notice sent to all units in a particular region is one example of a notice being written by someone other than a chef and a lack of verification by another colleague. It has errors both in advice, layout, comprehension and spelling. It is not written to be easily understood by all our staff. when writing any notices or forms for use in unit we must remember that many of our staff use English as a second or even third language and that are proportion of our staff have considerably difficulty reading. Notices need to be clear and also easy for you, the chef manager, to explain and demonstrate.

Knives must be handled with caution and respect.

Use them correctly always; they are not toys but some of your professional tools.

Blunt knives are likely to be a cause of an accident because more pressure must be applied than with a sharp knife.
A blunt knife can still cut you if not a potato!

Sharp knives enable the work to be completed easily and quickly with a better finish.

10 Simple Safety Rules

Always observe the rules of safety to prevent any accidents to yourself and others.

  1. When carrying knives the point of the blade must be facing down.
  2. Never try to catch a falling knife.
  3. Knives left on the table must be placed flat so the blade does not point upwards.
  4. When using a knife be focused on the task; not on other things.
  5. The only things on the chopping board should be the food and your knife.
  6. Use the right knife for the right job. Remember: Size, Shape, Colour.
  7. After using a knife clean with a D20 wiping cloth with the blade away from your hand.
  8. Never leave knives lying in sinks or buckets.
  9. Never put knives in a sink or container. Use, Clean, Store is Best Practice.
  10. Always put away on the rack or in your knife case.


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