Receiving deliveries is vital - but it is not a high skilled or demanding task. as a chef / manager this is something that you should delegate.


  • Check off delivery against order sheet.
  • Make sure placed in reception bay in a tidy manner with delicate/ crushable above heavier items
  • Sign off Drivers Sheet ‘Uncounted / Unchecked’
  • Start temperature checks.

First take chilled goods temperature.

Then frozen goods temperature.

If there are any fresh meat products e.g. bacon then you must also take this temperature and put in the ’fridge before any others.

  • Put the order into the store in the correct places while waiting on the temperature readings.
  • Enter the first set of readings into the correct form.
  • Store in the ’fridge the chilled goods.
  • Move onto the frozen items temperature checks
  • Continue with dry goods being placed away
  • Store frozen goods
  • Continue with dry goods being placed away
  • Tidy store
  • Flatten boxes and take to the Recycle Bin. - Do not leave in the Kitchen area.


          Don’t forget that raw meats temperatures are taken with the RED probe.

          Now would be a good time to sweep out the Dry Goods Store.


  • Open each box
  • Check off delivery against order sheet.
  • Note any shortage on the invoice before signing off
  • Start the temperature checks


          The meat items are listed by number and / or weights depending on what it is. Be careful with joint meats such as beef, pork or gammon. The invoice will give a total weight delivered. Check the weights on each actual joint and make sure that the total matches the invoiced weight.

Fish Delivery.

  • Check off delivery against order sheet.
  • Take the temperatures.
    For fish this may be both frozen and fresh; both must be recorded.

Fresh Vegetables

  • Check off delivery against order sheet.
  • If there are no damaged goods or goods out of quality then sign off the invoice. Otherwise make a note on the invoice, and then sign off. The driver may offer to take the item back; if you are unsure if this is okay then ask the chef on duty.


  • It is not possible to sign off the delivery note at the time of delivery but find the Note and check the actual items against each line.
  • Sign off and put the note on the Invoices clipboard.
  • Take the temperature of the milk as shown.

How to deal with shortages or mis-delivery.


          The driver will have a Shortages Note. He will complete this and you must counter-sign.

Veg. Delivery.

          A delivery shortage is unusual. If there is one then write it on the invoice before signing off. If there is a shortage on the order, i.e. out of stock, then this will be shown on the invoice with the item but 0 (Zero) on the delivery amount.


          The butcher tends to over-deliver on weigh items and we accept up to 200g over the ordered weight. Any shortage, on a weight or quantity item must be noted on the invoice before signing off.

Fish delivery

          As Butcher above.


          Make a note on the Delivery note.

In all instances you must inform the chef on duty of any variation from the order sheet.

Where to find……..

  • The order sheets for all suppliers are on a clipboard in the Reception Bay .
  • The Temperature records are in the Green Folder in the Kitchen Office area. Pens are close by.
  • Temperature probes and wipes are in the Kitchen Office area.
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