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A unit of moderate size but with a number of control problems in that care staff took their own issues for the various suites in the home with lacadasical control and inaccurate recording if at all.

This system, with the apporpriate order sheet and a spreadsheet based control / results sheet for the unit manager was introduced.

Since modified the core reasoning and processes remain in effective use.

Suite Boxes.

Aims & Objectives.

  • Simplify collection of morning goods
  • Reduce traffic in kitchen
  • Enhance safety of care staff
  • Improve record keeping of ‘free issues’, monitoring of usage and cross-charging
  • Reduce workload for care staff
  • Eliminate misplacement of stock
  • Make care staff aware of values and responsibility by requiring order signatures

Process path. V 1.03


Care Staff

Check stock, write-up and signoff order sheet



Give to Kitchen  @ 16.00 or earlier.



Checks order for availability of items



Makes up boxes per order



Transfers items to Weekly List



Puts order sheet into the box –
Must note any substitutions or shortages

Approx 17.45


Puts the completed boxes on the ’inside’ of the counter ready for a/m collection

Approx 18.25 or earlier.


Wheels a trolley with the bulk breakfast cereal boxes into the Dining Room.

Following a/m


Adds the milk etc. to the boxes ready for Care staff to collect.


Care Staff

Check and Collect box for their assigned Suite.


Temperature controlled items such as Milk remain in the ‘fridge until the a/m.

Anticipated Problems.

Hot plate on in the a/m with boxes remaining on top.
Weight of boxes too heavy for some staff to lift to top of the taller Suite ‘stacking’ Trolleys.
Additions of items either forgotten on order or used overnight and so in need of replenishment.

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