Cleaning must be done both daily and on a section cleaning rota. Because we work shifts as a team leaving it for th enext man is simply not an option.

We are required to complete the clenaing Verification sheets by date, time and initials. - so if you skip a task or do it less than to the standard we have all be taught to achieve you will be caught.

Pedestal of mixing bowl. Although the paint may be worn away and be unsightly this area can still be cleaned of all dough and spills.
Underside of a mixing bowl. Nearly every mixing bowl will fail inspection simply becuase this area is a little hidden from sight.
Hidden in th eroll plant. Opening up panels one finds dried uncooked dough pieces.
Left in the catch tray below the inter-prover.

It's not unusual for a piece of dough to miss a basket when going from the divider to the inter-prover. That is why these trays ar ein place to make clearing the dough balls easier.

Stick roller machine.

The rollers in the forming machine can be seen from both the front and back and while some areas can be difficult to reach opening the doors displays this dried on dough.

This from the front.

Rear roller of the forming machine off th einter-prover. This from the rear of the machine.
Tiles, hidden away but reachable When maintenance move an item of equipment take the opportunity to clean the hard to reach surafces, and the floor where it normally stands.
Beneath a mixer pedestal. The clearance between the floor and the base of a mixer pedestal is not much but can be reached daily and the machines should be moved weekly.
Broken tiles make life more difficult.... A floor tile broken away after some months of the dough divider being in that position. It meant that the machine was rocking in work and flour slurry from the cleaning of th=e floor was being retained in the sunken space.




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