QPIG Errors and notes.

Bad rolling in final plant.

Mixed loaves on rack. Oat loaf underbaked, Farmhouse over proved.

It can be tempting for the bread plant man to rack up loaves of different types together. One can get away with this on occasion but beware that this is two different doughs.

They will prove at different rates so unless the yeast is adjusted one must be over proved (as seen here with the 198 White Farmhouse)

They will bake at different rates. But one can work around this by pulling the baked loaves out early; or of course on time, while letting the other continue for a few more minutes.

The above is more noticable with the rack shelves as a reference.

One can see the compromise of dual-racking here. The Oatmeal (since discontinued) is a little too light and the Farmhouse just a little over proved.

Tiger 500g too close together. Certain batching. Note also the mis-shaping on some of the loaves and the dogbone example.
800g plain bloomer. Bad cuts, too many on the tray, should be only three and touching loaves - bound to be a batch bake.
800g tiger with bad shaping and four instead of just three on the tray.
Underproved and overproved Farmhouse loaves.




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