Tiger Loaves (Giraffe).

Based on the standard blommer sizes, 500g and 800g with a 'secret' paste.

Also Tiger rolls (Vienna), Round Rolls, Batons and Baguettes.

Tiger Breads A selection of breads with a reasonable QPIG finish.
Tiger Baguette Quite a good crust but the actual baguette not very well formed.
close up of the cracked crust we are trying to achieve. Close up of the crust we are trying to achieve.
Set too close. Dough too close together.
Bad forming. Better spacing of 500g loaves but some bad forming shown.
Tiger Rolls Not well set in tray and off the Roll Plant rather than the correct Vienna Roll cut.
Tiger rolls

Tiger rolls are at the bottom of this rack on silicon paper.

They will bake on a mixed rack but the paste must be fully proved for the finish to be correct.

1k Taiger Bloomers on tipping / cooling rack Make sure that when the baked Tigers are tipped they are not in fact 'tipped' but handed or slid off onto the bases so that the crust is not damaeged.
Set up for Tiger paste. Tiger paste work station.



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