Skills - Filling Doughnuts.

Doughnut station ready to go.

Note the process path. Ideally the jamming machine would be in the centre then it could be cooked doughnuts, jam, sugar, pack. but all the SB tables have the machine shelf on the left and few with any space at all to the left of the complete table; shame.

Has the jam dosing unit broken down yet again?

Tray up the un-sugared doughnuts, pierce and jam using a bag and straight piping tube.

Once filled then sugar and pack. The doughnuts are laid up in the sugar tray which makes turning and sugaring easier and cuts out one handling.

Managers Note: Across the bakery you should be looking for ways to reduce handing of the product an din practice, process an procedures generally. Handling a roller, loaf or other item, or having to go in search of e.g. sparkle wrap or sliced bread bags, is waste of time.

Get your staff to think efficiently - it is less labour for them and more productive for the department.

Without a dosing machine the amount of creamed pat. or jam is not easily regulated. Cut one of two in the batch, early and late, to check the filling amount.
keep the sugar clean

The sugar for doughnuts should be sieved at the end of each day so that it is clean and ready for the following day. Clean sugar makes the task easier and the sugar coating even.

jam and custard dispensers

Using jam from the shelf is unusual but is better than no jam at all!

Don't forget to complete a transfer into bakery using the handset.

This image is here because it shows that the jamming nozzles were left in the unit rather than being removed and cleaned as they should be at the end of every session.

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