Get the cleaning up to date and work the cleaning rota properly and you will never have to be worried that a ticking-off is on your way have to work so hard removing ‘old’ stains and dirt.

bad sink

What’s the first thing you do every day when coming on shift – and frequently during the day
And what’s the first thing that an Area Manager, our client’s Standards Control & Monitoring Manager and an EHO look for?
Soap in the dispenser, paper towels in the feed and a clean hand basin

good sink

Wipe it around at least once a day – add it to the Closing List and then you can be confident that this ‘gotcha’ is covered.
In this example it took 20mins to scrub with Lime Away (using the correct PPE of course – you do know what they are!) to get the sink to the cleanliness of the second image.

There is no excuse – the hand basin and taps should be gleaming.
tannis in sink

And while we are on the subject of sinks………
The tannins from potatoes and carrots stain even stainless steel so need to be removed on a weekly rota.

No, we are not allowed scouring cream but a little detergent, a green scouring pad and the magic addition of your elbow grease does the trick.

Are you cleaning the trolleys every day. Certainly you will the surfaces but what about the wheels?

Spray these with Desguard 20 when you do the surfaces and uprights and just wipe away the dirt.
much better

Okay – it did take a few applications to get the above to this state but once cleaned continue to do this daily and it will be noticed.

Just as much as the grubby trolley above was easily seen by others.

The great thing about using Desguard 20 correctly is that it does most of the work for you – simply lifting dirt and light mess away. But it has to be used on a regular basis.

Don’t be afraid to move things. Behind water boilers, beneath and behind microwaves, the tops of washing machine hoods. The list might seem endless. But it isn’t and cleaned on a regular rota means subsequent cleaning is a doodle.
clean unhidden

Cleaned plastic wall, cleaned stainless steel – even a cleaned water pipe.

Time expended on this little area – 15 minutes. Next time should be just five including waiting for the D20 to do it’s stuff.


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