Nugget Training is all about small segments of time -short training sessions- completed within the work day. They are not particularly formal and there is a minimum paper work; just a record for the trainer and the trained. That's it!

They are all designed to fit into the daily production. While they are almost bound to extend the time a particular task takes to complete in the first instance one will find that, with the occasional additional monitoring and guidance, tasks will take no longer than previously to complete - and will provide a better product. In addition the skills achieved are transferable to other tasks and one will discover that, (it has been observed) overall the awareness of what they are doing, how food is prepared and handled, is improved in your Kitchen Assistant and General Assistant staff.

All the sessions are based on practical tasks within your working day: and all are based on real work with images taken -as can be seen- in real kitchens.

But Nugget Training is not just about practical knife skills and food production. It attempts to take a holistic view of what you, as a small unit manager or chef / manager, are trying to achieve.

Been there - done that; so I am very well aware of how difficult it can be to make the best use of the time you have been given in staffing hours; the tight Cost per Head per Day and the difficulty of making the dishes and service look just a little more interesting and special to your 'customers'.

So while ga/ka skills provide a range of fully worked training sessions and a starting point for your own flash-sessions, the other options, such as glamour fixes, Best Practice and others are there to give you starting points.

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  • The RAG List.
    What it is, How to use it.

  • Gotcha!
    Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises.

    A set of images, often with later additions, of situations and mistakes that an Auditor or EHP will find..........

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Tools for Chef / Managers.
These are a series of unconnected spreadsheets in Excel format. These pages give an explanation with a link to the tool.

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Best Practice.

A range of pages with images and notes showing best practice around the units.

Links to Useful Sites.

The UK Food Standards Agency Food Allergy Online Training - go look - it's free.

Last update - August 2020