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Best Practice: Dishes

Remember your training days when you were taught it's about Sight - Smell - Taste and 'people first eat with their eyes'?

Well. It's true.

Just because a resident needs a soft diet does not mean that they cannot see what is being presented on the plate. Take a little time and effort to improve the experience. It is not much to us but make a big difference to the resident.

Soft, Puree and Liquidised diets always seem to give problems; perhaps because they are a minority number. But just because they are modified does not mean that care cannot be taken in the presentation. It must be bad enough to have to eat one of these modified dishes; the least we can do is make them attractive on the plate!

pipe, don't sppon th epotato

Not the most interesting meal in the world but regular fare in our care homes.
Did you spot the creamed potato piped rather than scooped onto the plate.

Look elsewhere in this folder for ideas for ‘Glamour Touches


It’s still the same dish but is a real meal – well, sort of one. At least the individual foods are separate and yes it does mean three different containers and three different uses of the blender – but it’s not meant to be an all in one soup.


A soft diet, but nicely presented.

cut for vanity

A soft diet; it’s all mash-able but cross-up the potato before baking and rub a little oil or a Dawn margarine paper over and you get something that looks much better than a micro-waved potato.

tomato potato ring

It’s only Macaroni cheese, but held in a creamed potato ring to which a little  tomato puree has been added.
Dead simple to do and the contrast of colours works.

A cheese and potato pie for a soft diet. The picked parsley will be discarded; but it’s fulfilled it’s purpose.
And don’t forget that there should always be a sauce or gravy with a soft diet – and in fact with every dish we serve if appropriate. Our residents often have trouble masticating and swallowing dry foods.

not much but better than slopped onto the plate

It’s just parsley and an arrangement of two slices of toast.

Bit better than the spaghetti hoops just poured over the uncut slices.

A minced beef sauce held in piped potato with blitz'd cauliflower.

A portfolio of pictures of liquidised diets here.

Look elsewhere in this folder for ideas for ‘Glamour Touches



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