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Working Notices.

As a contract caterer we have an excellent support system. but occasionally some strange, confusing and unhelpful notices and forms are produced for use in the unit.

This example of a notice sent to all units in a particular region is one example of a notice being written by someone other than a chef and a lack of verification by another colleague. It has errors both in advice, layout, comprehension and spelling. It is not written to be easily understood by all our staff. When writing any notices or forms for use in unit we must remember that many of our staff use English as a second or even third language and that are proportion of our staff have considerably difficulty reading. Notices need to be clear and also easy for you, the chef manager, to explain and demonstrate.

This example written some years ago and updated recently shows a better content and format.

As chef managers we rely on our FSA, GA and KP to complete a wide range of different tasks. One of the most important is the reception of goods, both dry and temperature controlled. For newer members of staff and as reminders and a check list a notice close to the reception point can be really useful.



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