elior catering

Nuffield 'The Manor' Hospital, Oxford.


Hannover Homes

Observation Notes are in Word format.

Caer Gwent observation: Images.


Example of mixed salad.

Roughly choped iceburg lettuce, rough cut of cuecumber, badly quartered tomatoes. In fact as bad an example seen in any unit of a mixed salad. To compund this the sald is kept for two or three days and is of course deteriorating from the first moment as the lettuce is cut, not torn.

Trolley shot.

The obvious trolley shelves are often cleaned reasonbly well but the uprights and the wheels are not being cleaned at all.

Opened tin.
Tin opened but with the top left in place. This gives a cut hazard both in pouring out the contents and in the disposal of the tim. also not that the tin was opened 'right way up'. The tin top was not wiped before opening so the debris from storage was not cleared. Also note that opening 'upside down' mean sthat the contents that may have settled to the bottom will come out first. In the case of baked beans this is useful or the sauce will splash as the block of beans follows the sauce!
Correctly opened tin.
The top has been fully removed. Although this mean sthat th etin lid must be placed somewhere safe for a moment once the can is emptied thelid is then placed back inside the tin. This protects staff from the sharp edges and the plastic refuse sacks from being torn.
English Breakfast.
Reasonably well cooked but the arrangement for presentation on the plate could be much better. Unfortunately the breakfast was then held in the hotplate for more than 20mins. which killed the scrambled egg.

Lemon Mousse.

Lemon mouse, from packet, nicely piped into the coupe and with an eigth of a lemon slice as garnish.





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