elior catering

Nuffield 'The Manor' Hospital, Oxford.


Hannover Homes

Observation Notes are in Word format.


Linfield Court.
Images of dishes with comments.
Simple cheese and biscuits can still have some style by simply cutting differently.  
Use the largest ice-cream scoop and don't scroll too tightly so that the portion looks greater in the bowl. Scoop from the container in an orderly manner. Portioning will be easier and high edges will not get freezer 'burn'.
Soup does not have to be blitz'd vegetables from lunch. Simple white onion soup Simple tomato soup
Liquidised meals do not have to be plated. Just a little care for the evening choices can make this cheese and potato pie with tomato sauce. The main choice was baked potatoes with beans and cheese. Here for liquidized we have the same; layered. A Mornay sauce to go with it. Try to have some liquid, even if only a flavoured gravy with every liquidised meal. This allows better swallowing and also means that the Care Staff can further soften the dish if needed to feed the Resident.
Macaroni cheese for liquidised but with creamed potatoes coloured with tomato paste.







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