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Nuffield 'The Manor' Hospital, Oxford.


Hannover Homes

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Look after your KP by sorting and soaking. Soak cutlery A pair of very rare kitchen items. Unfortunately not a breeding pair.
'Tin' foil is expensive. Use the correct lids. Set ready for service in the Upper Dining Room from the service unit. Plating the meals in the kitchen disallows correct portion sizing for the resident, causes loss of temperature and takes up space and time needlessly. We also get problems in movement within; better to load and use the service unit correctly.  
Paper work taking up table top space. Afternoon cakes ready to go. The plates are not seen by the Residents in 4 out of 5 instances. Plates are too small for the covers making them difficult to carry. The correct bases are rarely returned. Use sealable plastic boxes. These can then be made up at any time in the day, closed and stacked. Reduce table top space use and have a fresher cake to serve. Cooling of a gammon joint using water an ice packs. A small blast chiller is circa £2k. Second had available at around £950.00. This unit lost 4k of roast pork due to the required temperature not being reached within the time allowed.
Typical detail cleaning Corrected following 3mins. work Good end of day preparation
Typical 'dirties' trolley. Typical 'dirties' trolley. Typical 'dirties' trolley.

Improved setup revision 1.

By using the marked containers directly waste can be tracked from a particular service and handing is reduced by 100% as the waste does not have to be decanted into a measuring container but can be disposed of directly once recorded.

Revision 1 in use
    Improved set up Revision 2. By using the square boxes the space is maximised on the top tear of the trolley. Make sure that only 3 shelf trolleys are used for clearing.

Stores discovered.

Untidy. Mixed tins. Tins of type not stacked.

Stores discovered.

Stores revision.

Sorted to types. Disposals off floor to single shelf.

Stores revision Stores revision

Stores revision

To hand items such as bread from d.f. and these juices facing outward from shelf so one does not have to 'go round the corner' to pick an item up. Merely stand at the door and reach

Detail cleaning needed behind hot water boiler. Corrected following 3mins. work.  







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