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It makes' one Cringe : Part 1,

Some instances we see are just silly, others are wasteful, many are the result of not knowing how things should be in a properly run kitchen.

This last comes down to you training and supervising your staff; and monitoring the result.

Of course these examples are not from your unit - at least when you are there.

Taking out waste bags but not renewing bags in most instances. Result.

Found Monday. Someone not cleaning the mop bucket out.

Not too happy to have the yogurts fall out at me on the Monday.

Reset the fridge.

This shelf full was on the exit table and side on Friday a/m. It is a typical morning discovery. Night Staff or evening GA. No reason for the Morning GA to come into this – or a dirty work area and dirty dishwasher without even the filters being cleaned.

Pretty usual state for the bins. The black bags an incorrect size. You probably know that! Spraying out the bins with the external hose works, after debris removed, but there is no proper drain for the washings. I’ve no idea of the solution. It’s just a pain every which way.

Example of Weekly Report to Operations director.

Grated chesse being given for Chesse and Biscuits. Suggest slices cut to triangles are kept ready2go in the ’fridge. 100% wastage observed on two occasions.

Put up a contents and placement guide for the Service Fridge. For the regular Carehome Staff who don’t seem to know where things are kept but more especially for the many agency staff. Might be worth extending this plan to the service cupboards. R. cleaned and sorted these areas out Thurs. & Friday.

Pleased to see the notice for the inside of the store door was put up since my suggestion last visit that coincided with the Client H&S Officer visit. Shows that they do take note.

Perhaps they will also listen to your request for teaspoons. I counted 5 in total. Also short of forks. Withdrew 15 from the stores.

Thinking of cutlery. We used Dip-It for the cups and saucers, all cutlery, all teapots and today (Friday) the plastic beakers.  They are all much improved. I pulled the green box from the stores (previously partly full of cutlery) and suggest that you keep this exclusively for Dip-It work. I showed GA1 how the cups and saucers can be emptied and then dip-it for 30 mins. before being washed. There is just enough time to do this. I managed it on the Wednesday when no GA came in.

GA1 did not wish to wear gloves today (Friday) when removing the plastic beakers from the dip-it solution. I know that she understood the risk as Thursday when we did the cutlery and teapots I made her wear them. The skin on her hands was reddened but we need to make it clear to her how important PPE are and the long term affects (dermatitis risk) of not using gloves.

The fish pie is being cooled in a deep pan and the potatoes, although dressed with a palette knife does not make for an attractive dish. I suggest using one of the shallow Gastronome trays or aluminum trays and using a star tube to pipe on the potato. It will look better on the plate and being much easier to serve in correct portions.

The extended service times for morning and afternoon teas shows a few problems. I found that 2l milks are going out on the trolley and coming back more than an hour later out of temperature and so waste. Sugar is also going out in teacups. We have to think our way around this and as you don’t have quite enough jugs or china or plastic to use perhaps a number of 1l milk containers just for the tea rounds could be used.
Not advisable to have open containers of anything going around the building. I couldn't’t find anything suitable in the store but you might be able to get a petty cash purchase from the Range of smaller plastic sealing boxes. Last seen @3.99 for 4.

I put the jacket potatoes into a milk box as you had three rotting off in the bag. The box keeps them nicely aired – and visible!

Service hotplate appears to be just warm or full blast. It kills anything inside and burns the bottoms of the Gastronome containers. I know that you know this but perhaps you can find time to do an air and a water temperature test so you have some evidence to present to Maintenance.

I had to do a petty cash purchase as I forgot to order ham from 3663. Took the cash from your pc mug. Couldn't’t find the pc record or box.

I was had no:
Angle Delight strawberry mouse
Plain flour
White onions
Tapioca or sago.
‘Instant’ Crème caramel

As you’ll see from the 3663 delivery invoice for Thursday the small order you expected for the Tuesday did not come in. I kept it as low as possible but somehow got 2 jelly crystals and no sago or tapioca. I guess we can live with the jelly but only phoning 3663 National Account CS did I find out that Sago and Tapioca are removed from our List. They are not dissimilar so one we could loose but your menus still shows both.

Milk pudding might be a replacement on the menu that would work. Then, using just the pudding rice and semolina you can do about 8 different milk desserts. More if you can get ground rice and don’t forget that you could perhaps add in blancmange.

GA1 is purchasing her own sponge-backed green scourers because the green ones we regularly use do not have the conformity to clean the cups, mugs and beakers well.

I was asked each day for either sausage and chips or mushroom on toast or something similar. Difficult I know to keep these fresh but if we were to respond that it would be available in the evening then we would have time to defrost a couple of sausages and a portion of mushrooms. I usually fine slice and sauté 500g mushroom and then divide into 5 flat packets. They defrost under the grill, sometimes even on the toast. Just a thought.

Lots of sub-standard washing up.
GA3 in particular gives cause for concern. Everything, including glasses into the one sink.
Dangerous for her and inefficient.

I found that very few orders were placed on Monday or Tuesday so we have to cook on a wing and a pray. After discussing this with the care staff and a senior member of staff I’ve been putting the menu choice sheets out @08.00 s that they can ask residents for their choice during the moring and afternoon tea rounds and again in the evenings if they wish to catch those asleep or unable to decide. This seems to have worked quite well with the Monday absence of 19 and 29 (lunch and dinner respectively) and Tuesday 14 and 23 down to just three today.

Please think about it. Care staff F. and N. are particularly supportive in this. It means they do not have to go around just for that task (additional work for them) and any member of care staff can complete as the form is there on the tea trolley.

Part of the reasons the cups and saucers were so badly stained is that a number are obviously staying in rooms overnight.

Dairy. Not sure why this is dropped at the front door. It is not particularly sheltered. Is it a security reason? Didn't’ spot a camera. Why not get the dairy to drop at the rear kitchen door. This would mean no trolley though the resident’s area, avoiding the OP Hazards and less work for you and your staff.

Each morning I’ve had to nuke the porridge at least once as it looses temperature. What is your solution? The double boiler if used might be a hazard to Care staff and residents as the outer remains hot. Putting the porridge into the hotplate burns it onto the container and access for the CS is not easy as the hatchway space is occupied by the CS doing the toast etc.


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