elior catering

Nuffield 'The Manor' Hospital, Oxford.


Hannover Homes

Observation Notes are in Word format.

Lapwing. Selsey.

solied sink - vegetablesDiscoloured sinks. This is the main veg prep sink. It is washed out after use but not well cleaned to remove the carrotine or starch colouring. Demonstrated how this can be done with a new green scouring pad.  

Freezers and Fridge.

Freezers are over-stocked. Much of this is due to small packets of over-produced dishes being stored and ordering case amounts of frozen veg. Generally items are not sorted and this is not easy to do because of the volume of goods. Dating is in use but quite a few out of date packets were found. This shows that the weekly stock take is not being completed correctly and that the rough contents list taped to the front of each unit is not being used.

Note also that we are using plastic icecream containers that , while convenient to use and hygienic, are contary to the upcoming policy change.

Also note that part bags of frozen vegetables are being twisted close. There are no proper closures in use. this is resulting in spillage within the freezers and spillage when the bags are being moved / removed. Cushion wrappnig has been demonstrated and all d/f are left in better order with out of date items disposed.

Fresh Veg store.

This is the only storage area used for fresh vegetables. It is at the end of an unventilated store and as can be seen the produce is stacked