elior catering

Nuffield 'The Manor' Hospital, Oxford.


Hannover Homes

Observation Notes are in Word format.


Only 7 gravy boats available. Have to use small ramekins depending upon dishes ordered. Not being cleaned properly. Previously toast being sliced on the service plate or table top. Added this board and knife into the process path. Bad cutting of fruit and veg. Example.
Addition of flavours to milk for bechamel unknown to chefs. Breakfast tomatoes - plain cut. Why not van Dyke? Breakfast Pink grapefruit. Bad technique.
Why not van Dyke?
Rational Oven - Patient side Stove r/h side. Patient side Rational Oven - Patient side
Side table - Patient side Little consideration of the KP. This shot after some items removed. In common with other Elior units proper kitchen rubbers are unavailable. 10 finger-tip scorches in 10 days.
Typical storage of salad items In that one box was crushed these items. Sticky Toffee Pudding - Bad presentation.
Chocolate mouuse; better presentation but needs finesse.    
eggs. pre-portioned for fast service
  Sorted and cleaned storage. Beaten eggs portioned and ready for fast service.