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Glamour Touches

The definition ; something simple and low cost that gives added value to a dish, usually in the presentation.

We work at the budget end of the market where food cost per head amounts per day are really low. While we can do little about the portion sizes or quality of the meats and other items that we purchase we can improve the appearance of dishes by the use of some simple techniques; a bit of imagination and a just a little forward planning.

All the following examples add a little to the overall cost of the dish; but the effect they have on the plate and our residents perception of value can be immense. Remember the ' Sight - Smell - Taste' rule.

This is all about a little extra thought, perhaps learning a new knife skill and presentation, presentation, presentation.

Ever heard the phrase that ‘you are only as good as your last meal’?

Score extra points with your Residents by taking a few moments to garnish correctly. Residents do notice – check your comments book. Some even take the trouble to search you out and say that ‘things are nicer’.

Take a look at these examples and think about what you have available every day to bring just a little glamour to your service.


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Liquidised Diets

A liquidised meal is not a wonderful experience, even if it is only short term to aid in recovery. Imagine how it must be to be on a permanent liquidised diet. Every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the day being a soft, barely textured, paste.

Learn here how such dishes can be made more attractive.........

Tools for Chef / Managers

tools on your computerNothing is more challenging or time consuming than having to put together spreadsheets or forms to act as reminders, control papers or even a simple stock control page.

One simply does not have the time. Use these tools as they are, modify them to suit or allow them to give you starting points for your own requirements.

Sainsburys' BakersTraining for Sainsburys' instore bakers.

Baking bread is not quite the simple task that it seems; it's not just about the dough.
This training resource written for and by Sainsburys' IS Bakers.

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