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Best PracticeExamples of best practice.

Discover work methods that make your product better - and pass on your own best practice.

F.S.A. SkillsFood service and general assistant skills.

Your FSA's are a vital part of the team. Use them wisely, give them interest in their daily tasks and improve your overall performance with some simple training.

Cringe ExamplesIt makes one want to cringe. Examples of somethings that have gone really wrong........

Some are just ugh! Others are positively dangerous - have you seen any of these?

Spot the DifferenceDifferences to look for, to inspire you; from cleaning to space saving in 'fridges.

Working in the same areas every day one naturally misses things: one is just too busy.

Here are some reminders......

Bad PracticeBad practice; examples and explanations of things that can be completed in a much better way.

Bad practice can waste time, cost money and affect everone in your team.

Support & ResourcesSupport & Resources for Chef Managers.

From spreadsheet templates to kitchen notices; things to make your tasks easier.

Glamour TouchesExamples of easy (and inexpensive) ways to make a dish better in content or presentation.

On a tight budget in care homes and schools it can be really difficult to make dishes attractive to the eye without spending hard pressed budgets or taking just too long.

These images and explanations show what can be done for little or no money simply by using your skills and imagination.

CleaningCleaning managment and supervision.

It's not creative or interesting but correct cleaning is vital in all our units.

Checkout some priority Nugget Training resources...

Liquidised Diets

A liquidised meal is not a wonderful experience, even if it is only short term to aid in recovery. Imagine how it must be to be on a permanent liquidised diet. Every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the day being a soft, barely textured, paste.

Learn here how such dishes can be made more attractive.........

Tools for Chef / Managers

tools on your computerNothing is more challenging or time consuming than having to put together spreadsheets or forms to act as reminders, control papers or even a simple stock control page.

One simply does not have the time. Use these tools as they are, modify them to suit or allow them to give you starting points for your own requirements.

Sainsburys' BakersTraining for Sainsburys' instore bakers.

Baking bread is not quite the simple task that it seems; it's not just about the dough.
This training resource written for and by Sainsburys' IS Bakers.

Caterplus support Elior trainng pages and packs. TaylorShaw packages   Click for top of page.