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Nugget and Flash Sessions - an introduction


These simple training pages are all about instilling basic skills into General Assistants and Kitchen Porters. They are not intended to train a chef, or to train a chef manager in his cooking skills. But they are designed to allow a chef manager to pick a single task, train a member of staff in that task and build upon those skills


Usually just a simple task with photographs and an explanation.


Whenever the opportunity presents itself. If the training nugget fits into the working day then this makes good use of your time and that of the member of staff. However these training sessions do have an impact on time - they will take some minutes to complete. Most need around 10mins. none more than 15 unless real problems are encountered.

If it is more convenient to prepare the training and it can be completed in the quiet part of the day (not that you will have many of those moments) all the better.








Notes for Chef / Managers.

This is not about training you to be a trainer; and certainly not to cook.

These sessions are designed to give you a stucture on which to hang the training of your staff. Each Nugget session is fairly detailed and is accompanied by photographs.

See the Nugget Support available for chef managers.

Checkout some priority Nugget Training resources...

Liquidised Diets

A liquidised meal is not a wonderful experience, even if it is only short term to aid in recovery. Imagine how it must be to be on a permanent liquidised diet. Every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the day being a soft, barely textured, paste.

Learn here how such dishes can be made more attractive.........

Tools for Chef / Managers

tools on your computerNothing is more challenging or time consuming than having to put together spreadsheets or forms to act as reminders, control papers or even a simple stock control page.

One simply does not have the time. Use these tools as they are, modify them to suit or allow them to give you starting points for your own requirements.

Sainsburys' BakersTraining for Sainsburys' instore bakers.

Baking bread is not quite the simple task that it seems; it's not just about the dough.
This training resource written for and by Sainsburys' IS Bakers.

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