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Spot the difference; oil abuse.

Ladle in used oil



Oil taken from the fryer as is often seen around our Area is simply Bad Practice.

Flavours and debris in the oil will be transferred to whatever other dish for which this oil is used.

Often it seems it is for frying eggs. So eggs get both a taste, often fish, and small pieces of food debris on the fried egg. Not nice.

Note: Three images from three different units



Ideally a squirt flask or bottle. One of clean oil, one of cooking grade olive oil.

But if you have no flasks or bottles then use a jug.


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Liquidised Diets

A liquidised meal is not a wonderful experience, even if it is only short term to aid in recovery. Imagine how it must be to be on a permanent liquidised diet. Every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the day being a soft, barely textured, paste.

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Tools for Chef / Managers

tools on your computerNothing is more challenging or time consuming than having to put together spreadsheets or forms to act as reminders, control papers or even a simple stock control page.

One simply does not have the time. Use these tools as they are, modify them to suit or allow them to give you starting points for your own requirements.

Sainsburys' BakersTraining for Sainsburys' instore bakers.

Baking bread is not quite the simple task that it seems; it's not just about the dough.
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