Spot the Difference - Series 1.


Mousse coupe on trays.



What differences can you see between these two pictures?




How many coupe are on each tray?

What is different in the way the coupe are placed on the tray?

How many trays would we need to place 30 mousse in the fridge?

For the first tray? For the second?


††††††††††† Anyone can do this simple task. Donít leave it to another person if you see that there are no prepared trays at the storage cupboard.



††††††††††† We are arranging the coupe on the tray so that instead of getting 12 on a tray we can get 15. Look at how the rows are arranged to save space.



††††††††††† Usually this task is completed while the Angel Delight is being whipped up in the mixer.


††††††††††† Usually on the mai

n preparation table. But make sure that there are no rwa items close by.