Spot the Difference - Series 1.


Yoghurts in trays.




Can you see the difference between these two trays of yoghurts?



This picture shows a yoghurt tray with the plastic torn away.


Why do you think we should cut off the plastic wrapper before service?

What would you use to cut away the plastic?


Where do we keep the prepared trays of yoghurt for service?



††††††††††† Anyone can do this simple task. Donít leave it to another person if you see that there are no prepared trays in the service fridge.



††††††††††† We are cutting away the protective plastic to make it quick and easy to place a pot of yoghurt on a tray at service time. Usually we prepare three trays as that is how many we use in a day.



††††††††††† This task can be done at any time other than a service period. This might be as you are rotating the trays of yoghurt from the store fridge to the one at the service point. Or it might be when you are laying up the service point ready for Lunch or Dinner service.



††††††††††† It is best to move the trays of yoghurt to a flat service. The side service table is best or it can be the service point or a trolley top.



††††††††††† When we remove the plastic from the tray it makes it much easier to pick up a yoghurt. This saves time and bother at service periods and also it is much easier to select a flavour of yoghurt if one is requested. Also this can be done one-handed. If the plastic was left on you would probably have to use two hands.



††††††††††† Use a small knife or pair of scissors and cut around just above the cardboard tray. Make sure that you do not puncture the yoghurt pots with the point of the scissors or knife! If you are using a knife then have the back of the knife against the pots.