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Control your production!

Being a chef / manager, or perhaps just single handed with a lone GA means that one has to think smart and reduce the amout of repetative supervision.


too many carrots

These carrots were prepared for a service. But the container on the right is all surplus. Yes, it can be used – but probably not for at least one further day.

So some of the results of over-production are

  • Too much work
  • Possible spoilage leading to 100% waste of the uncooked veg.
  • Using as a vegetable soup or stock base. That is a lower value use than as a fresh vegetable for service.
  • Ordering more than need form the supplier and/or holding too much stock = spending too much money
the correct amount in a repeatable measure.

This is the correct amount for a 60 cover service – remember that it is one of two vegetables served.

Note that it is a definable, repeatable, amount of veg. prep. No need to weigh or count. Just fill to the midway point, the holes are the guide.

And this works for all root vegetables and the same method but different load lines for frozen vegetables and Savoy cabbage.


Spot the Difference

  • Food
  • Cleaning
  • Service
  • Storage
  • Production

Using Kaizen.

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