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Efficient use of storage.

You are almost bound to have little temperature controlled space in your unit; unless you are exceedingly lucky. So making the best use of the volume in 'fridges and 'freezers is vital.

Round containers waste volume. After all what shape is your fridge. So use square containers whenever possible.

tub of grated cheese

Grated cheese; in a round tub. Perfectly satisfactory - but.....

fits better

.....which container fits in the ’fridge better?

And please note that the date label should be on the side of the container and visible in the ’fridge. Not the top because it may have another container on top or the lid may become separated from the base!

12 up

15 up

Mousse coupe on trays.

What differences can you see between these two pictures?

How many coupe are on each tray?
What is different in the way the coupe are placed on the tray?
How many trays would we need to place 30 mousse in the fridge?

prep to go


Yoghurts in trays.

Can you see the difference between these two trays of yoghurts?

This picture shows a yoghurt tray with the plastic torn away.

Why do you think we should cut off the plastic wrapper before service?
What would you use to cut away the plastic?

Where do we keep the prepared trays of yoghurt for service?





Spot the Difference

  • Food
  • Cleaning
  • Service
  • Storage

For some of these in simple pages that you can print to work with in a flash-session go to the Resources List.

Using Kaizen.

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