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Managing the dirties.

Care Staff in particular can be really busy and you need to organise your side of things so that they are working efficiently.

reception trolley

Look familiar?
We have to help the care staff to help ourselves.
Get the clearing trolleys organised.
Show the care staff – with courtesy please, explaining that it will also be easier for them this way.
Square fits better.
Round takes up too much room so more square bins are ordered.
A visual guide, not seen here, shows what goes on which level.

Why is it easier for us?

  • Crockery is stacked in types and sizes.
  • Food waste is already in a measuring container – you won’t have to decant into a container in the kitchen – just note the volume and dispose!
  • Cutlery is all being soaked – not just some of it.
  • We don’t have to sort out the mess.
  • Reduced breakages
  • Much easier to wheel from the collection point to the kitchen; no wobbling stacks of plates.

Why is it better for the care staff?

  • They have a clear ‘picture’ of what goes where. It makes the work quicker. Staff do not have to search for a place to put dirty crockery and dishes.
  • They can get more onto the three levels.
  • There is more space available when the trolley is organised.
  • No more having to clean up spillages from the carpet!
Note the black bag for paper napkins etc.
ready for service
set in position  


Spot the Difference

  • Food
  • Cleaning
  • Service

Using Kaizen.

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