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This is a page concerning liquidised meals at various levels.

In the units that I have managed I have introduced a five level system of mechanically modified diets / meals.

  1. Minced
  2. Pureed 1
  3. Pureed 2
  4. Liquidised.
  5. Very Thin (Consomme)

>describe each here<

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Content and Mechanically modified diets; what is the difference?

Content modified diets are those from which something is left out or not added to a dish; or, less usually, something is added such as CalShake or BuildUp. They are what others might refer to as Medical diets. So a doctor or dietician might order a medical diet - but in the kitchen a medical diet is likely to be completed by an experienced Diet Cook. While a 'mechanical' can be completed by almost anyone in the kitchen team; once trained and with guidance notes and pictures in the preparation area.

You can view a list of modified Medical diets here. <whp page>

Items to Remember.

  • Scrambled egg does not liquidise well without some form of 'emulsifier'. The best to use is one of the proprietary powders such as a neutral Calshake.
  • Cabbage will liquidise as will other leafy vegetables; but expect it to be quite watery. Don't add liquid other than a very little to aid the machine.
  • Keep the cooking waters from vegetables to add to liquidised vegetables and meats etc. This way some of the nutrients and flavours will be returned to the dish.
  • Always serve a sauce or gravy with a liquidised meal. Quite often what we produce will not be exactly right in consistency for the Resident or Patient. The Care Staff can then add some of the sauce if needed.
  • Avoid adding creamed potato to everything to correct the consistancy. Add less liquid or if a dish does need thickening then use a proper thickener.
  • Some mechanically modified diets do not allow any vegetables such as peas or beans. This may be for a dietary reason or perhaps dysthagia (difficulty in swallowing). Shelling these from fresh or frozen is not easy. However tinned can be used. Liquidise really well and then pass through a sieve or mouli. Baked beans liquidise well and pass through a sieve easily.
  • Steamed vegetables do not liquidise without the addition of vegetable stock.

These points might seem obvious but often I have worked in a unit where something as simple as a gravy is not offered.

Note: Calshake and BuildUp may be available on prescription to some of your residents. lt is always worth checking this out with the nursing staff or Home Manager - it can really save a fortune in your budget over the year. The same also applies to Gluten - Free products both breads, flours and pasta.


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