QPIG Faults & Errors.

Baking bread is easy, just mix, mould and bake off.

But baking a quality product takes skill and attention to detail.

If you are doing that then you do not need this section of Nugget ISB because you are constantly monitoring your product against the QPIG sheets and perhaps using the QPIG Game..

But there is always something to learn, and more importantly to know why something went wrong.

These pages have images of low QPIG scores or complete failures and suggest what went wrong.

Bloomers 400g Bloomers 800g Tiger (Giraffe)

Baguette Cheese baton

Cheese Rolls

Farmhouse Harvest Grain Multiseed Split Tin Wholemeal Sandwich

Examples of moulding faults.

Honest John

Slicing Saves the Day



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