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This web site is owned and operated independently from Sainsbury's. It is a 'bolt-on' to a commercial web site (Nugget Training) a company that provides training and consultancy to contract and independent caterers in the education and care home sectors.

The Beginning

This project grew from the difficulty of getting bakers and trainee bakers out from our Sainsbury's stores to a short training course that took away the pressures of the daily production so that our bakers could concentrate on turning out bread and other products that match the QPIG ideal. The intention, then and now, is to support the very informal on-the-job training that happens at work between bakers as part of the daily activity. One of the problems with this inter-colleague guidance is that errors and misunderstandings creep into our work standards. This is not due to deliberate misguidance but simply the dissolution of good practice as trained bakers leave or move to other roles and the ISB bakers remaining 'train' others; and so we get the 'Chinese Whisper' effect that leaves our standards well short of QPIG.

Adapt to our Customers Needs

ISB is in a very competitive market with very little difference between the offers from our major rivals and the bread that we produce. We therefore have to be the best at what we do in the production of fresh breads, part-bake and bake-off items.

The budget stores are entirely part-baked production; but they do it well. The majors use similar staffing levels, very similar dough and add-packs and work under similar conditions and with similar equipment to ourselves. This means that to gain and retain customers for our ISB's we have to find the edge.

That edge is consistently great bread, moulded, proved and baked correctly and looking wonderful every loaf, every bake.

This is why we have a QPIG manual, to compare our production to the ideal.

Nugget ISB looks at more than just bread.

A large part of this web site is looking at standards of production. This was the original motivation and remains the core purpose

Bread is what we do, and part-bake and confectionary. But our roles are multi-task in nature. We clean, we serve customers, put bread on shelves, control stock and what seems, some days, like a whole world of responsibility.

So in addition to all the baker stuff there are sections on cleaning, how we work (what a manager might call process and procedures) and shop window and theatre.

The Focus is You

Take a look around your store. There is no other department that makes a product that we sell from base ingredients. Roast chickens and other hot counter products excepting, we, as bakers, are unique. Our output, good or bad in quality and appearance is entirely within our control.

Lord Sainsbury, who ought to know a thing or two about our business, notes that "Sainsbury's .... not about the volume of products .... but the quality".

Update April 2015. In store pizza ovens now in place.

Only you can improve the product by developing your skills and maintaining attention to detail. Nugget ISB is intended to help and presents content to allow you time to browse through a range of subject areas or go, via direct menu links, straight to an area of interest.

Although Nugget ISB could not be described as a collaborative project it is not all one-way. You can upload images here with the query "what went wrong?" or on another page upload pictures of your successes for bragging rights. You can also ask for a subject area to be opened or explored further.

...and finally.

If there are errors or you have an issue with any advice or comment then just send an email.

...and a final finally.

This project and web site is run by me and I can be contacted here but it is better to use this form or this feedback form.

I am an ok ISB baker; not the best, not the worst. I trained as a baker in the 70's and have worked in artisan bakers in the UK and as part of my various roles overseas.

What I do care about is the product and putting out the best bake I can, every bake, every day. There is a training and management aspect to much of the content because that is, in a previous life, what I did.

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