Cleaning the Oven Racks.

These images show some before work and after cleaning of various racks.

means that it is
revent rack - unclean

There is no reason why the various racks that we used be caked in crud and grease. It is not just unsightly but is occasionally in customers' view - not a good advertisement for our standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

This accumulated dirt can knocked off onto dough that then bakes into the crust.

Grease melts in the revent ovens and drips onto the crust - that's the source of the dark drip marks that you may notice on the various white breads.

'New' dirt is easier to clean that old baked on crud.


Managers Note: There is always pressure on hours but daily cleaning of clean racks keeps the task simple and easy. Your bakers and other staff need to be managed in cleaning tasks just as much as in other areas.

See QPIG FAils - Dirt on Dough

revent rack - unclean
revent rack - unclean  
revent cleaned

First time in a long time takes a lot of cleaning. but cleaned at least weekly these rack stay clean, and grease spoilage, resulting in a lost loaves, is avoided.

revcent rack - cleaned  
crewe dirty rack

"Crewe" holding racks also need regular cleaning.


Check out Cleaning Horrors to see just how bad these racks can get without regular cleaning.


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