Cleaning the Mixers.

The mixers must be cleaned daily, and sometimes scrapped out during the working day if a change in dough colour is made. While white doughs can follow one another all ISB have at least two mixers to allow each to be used for either white or a 'coloured' dough.

Do these images look too good to be true? Was special cleaning completed just for these photographs?

No, to both questions. This is the standard of cleanliness maintained at Chichester Sainsbury's ISB.

Turn off the power to the machine - just in case there is a fault.


A dirty surface here transfers to everywhere else. If anything is loose or damaged in this area of the mixer then report it and get it fixed. Power is here and is not gentle.

This bracket (one of a pair) contains a wheel that the bowl rests against.

It is a part of the mixer often missed.

The top of the pedestal seems to get more neglect than any other area. It needs to be as clean as all other areas. It is often the first area that the paint starts to peel and the surface become eroded or damaged.

This is the underside of the bowl a place often missed and a favourite place to check by our own inspectors and certain RBM.

The bowl lid / protective grill picks up flour dust and, if working with 32k mixes can pick up dough residue.

dirty blade

This really should become the images below.

This is from inside the bowl looking up toward the underside of the bowl lid and also shows the top of the hook.

This area is often missed.

This is looking from inside the bowl towards the underside of the lid.

No dough and no flour residue.

Clean with a solution of D2 and then wipe down with a solution of D10 using a clean cloth.

Don't forget the space beneath the blade. Clean it with a worn green scouring pad that might just fit beneath or a blue cloth pulled beneath.


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