Cleaning Tables, frames and shelves.

tables target - wheels

These are sections of tables that often get missed.

table target - frame

The table used as the doughnut workstation.

table target - shelves

The only way to clean shelves efficiently is to empty them first.....

table target - shelf rails

Shelf rails are easy, a quick pre-soak in D2 and water in the sink and into the dishwasher.

table target - the feet

The feet catch all the grub and water from the mop heads as they are moved around.

Note also that the table needs to be moved to allow the cleaner to remove the dirt circles that accumulate.

Note: The Book states that we should move table sand floor fittings on a reular rota to allow the cleaner to do the job. This means not only all tables but also the static racks, the rotary mixers and other heavy equipment.

Remember Health & Safety - these items are heavy.

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