Doesn't look good.....

These are examples of things we should be avoiding and that customers ought never see.

Leaving dirty aprons on surfaces may not actually be bad hygiene but is bad practice. customers get impressions from what they see.


Don't dump aprons, it just looks messy and untidy and customers think that is the way we work and how we are.

Use a small transport box to keep dirty aprons in one place. They are still dirty aprons but as this collection point is in full customer view (why is that) at least they can be seen collected ready for removal to the dirty laundry locker.

This box is next to the bread slicer and easily seen by customers. It is there due to habit and is, hopefully, easier for the last man in to pick up at the end of shift and drop the aprons off for collection and cleaning. But does it have to be here.


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