Display of Reductions.

Reduced ISB Breads

Things to note

All neatly and in type groups

. Labels front and centre

Racks do not obstruct baton and baguette racks and also allow the signs to be seen.

Note that this placement is when all the uncut bread has been removed.

Update Dec 2012.

Now leave at least 4 uncut of each loaf (if available) on the fixed racks and any sliced bread on the mobile racks opposite.

Update March 2019.

All ISB loaves to be sliced.

Sliced bread is on the cooling / display racks so that bakers and packers and load the main displays with the freshly baked bread.

Loading sliced ISB breads.

Note the use of the bread baskets and L shape.


Bought-in sliced breads display.


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