Waste dough.

waste dough

Dough in a large lump will not bake leaving raw flour and active yeast inside.


waste dough

Raw waste dough

baked waste dough

Baked off but in one large lump.

waste crossed buns dough

Hot crossed buns scrap dough baked off but not sized. Cut into lumps of about 6 rolls make life easier for your colleague completing th edisposals that day.


This waste dough is fully baked as it has been cut ito approx 400g loaf pieces.

Portioning waste dough into pieces of about this size has a number of benefits.

The flour and yeast will be completely baked.

The lumps will cool more quickly than a large peice so can be bagged much sooner.

The person doing the disposals knows how many 'loaves' to put into the record as it is an easy conut, not a guess.

They are not so heavy - a big lump of dough can be difficult to handle.

proper size of waste dough lumps


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