Disposing of Tiger paste.

Waaste Tiger paste


Tiger (Giraffe) paste contains live yeast. As with bread dough we may not dispose of it either down the sink or into a waste bag without baking it off.

Managers Note: Too much mix was made up. One bag of paste is enough for yy k or about xx 800g and xx 400g loaves. So for a 8k dough mix (zz loavs) only half a bag is needed.

Tiger paste to bake off

Pour the waste paste onto an used silicon paper sheet on a tray and bake off in a deck oven. The setting is not too important - use whatevr is hot at the time.

No reason why the waste paste cannot go in with good dough.

Tiger paste - safe for disposal

The baked paste, all the yeast is dead and th eflour cooked. It can be broken up and put into a yellow disposal bag.

Try smelling the cooked dough when you break it up.

flushing paste down the sink is not acceptable

Tiger (Giraffe) paste must not be flushed down the sink.

Also. Disposing of Waste Dough


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