Reading List.

Apart from learning from a skilled baker one of the most useful methods of increasing both specific and general knowledge about baking bread is simply reading.

These are my current top five bread making books.




This is one omer Noiof the modern books that I purchased, but at half price in a charity shop!



But once I had watched the DVD and put pencil marks throughout 'Dough' I purchased the sequel full price.


100 Breads

One either likes or loathes Paul Hollywood; he's a bit like Marmite. I've found this to be one of his better books and it's quite hard to find - unlike the glossy Bake off spin-offs that are in every charity shop.


Bread Matters

I got this one from the local library - before the budget cuts slimmed down the non-fiction section. I read it because it seemed to be knocking what we do; read it yourself and see if you can find any points on which you agree.


I keep waiting for this one to show up in a charity shop. It's either very good and no-one gives it away or it's very rare and few are in circulation. I don't think it will be of any practical use but it just sounds interesting.



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