An overview of Nugget ISB.

It is going to seem that this web site is all about bashing the baker. Wrong; it is all about making you a better baker.

You already have a range of skills that have taken some time to develop. This resource is about polishing those skills so that you can match and exceed the QPIG expectations- the standards the company have set in methods and appearance for our bakery products.

On the left of this page are quick links to most of the sections or there is a complete list of pages here.

Above are drop down menus for the support pages that every web site needs and links to go further into the sections.

Some sections, such as QPIG, have their own index page.

There are lots of images and little text on the pages.

As you will see the photographs are not taken in a training environment but in real bakeries as opportunities occur.

The main section headings are below. Each page is a brief introduction to the section and what you might find within those pages.

Bread making. That is bloomer and tinned loaves

Sticks & Rolls. Which includes items like doughnuts and hot-crossed buns.

Frozen and Part-baked. Which includes the 'French' or TTD loaves and the various pastries.

Process and Procedures. Which is all about making your, and your colleagues such as packers, working life easier.

Cleaning. Because it is part of being a baker and the CIP (Cleaning Information Point) covers very little.

Display. We are in the sales business.

Update August 2014. Content area has been expanded to include some cleaning tasks and the packers role.

Update January 2016. Content has been added to a number of pages for team leaders / assistant department managers.

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