Frozen Patisserie and Morning Goods.

Loaded, note the positioning to make use of the varying temperature levels in a rack oven. The rack ovens are said to have an even temperature from top to bottom. However this is not the case; they are always hotter in the top third.


interleaved frozen with baked

These are baked products, with the exception of the scones.

Scones bake better if they have had some time to defrost a little. Here you can see them interleaved with the hot baked product to speed the process.

Managers Note: There is a potential hygiene risk here with raw product close to baked goods. If the trays are clean and the paper is used as it should be then it is allowable but add to your RAG List as a watch-point..

placement from oven knowledge

The position of the trays on the rack is not accidental - see above regarding rack oven variables.

first bake

This is one batch of confectionary bake; about half this amount will be baked again at need during the trading day.

Note that this is a mix of revent oven racks and deck oven 'Crewe' racks.

second bake layup

This is the second bake layup of the day.

Revent ovens are used to bake all goods.




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