Part-baked breads

Part baked breads Various baton, batard and bagattine breads in stick trays to keep good seperation.
Olive bread at maximum number on the tray.
Mixed sour dough loaves.

Racks ready for the oven.

Note the over-loading in image 4.

If loaves are too close together then the heat cannot get around them. This has one of two effects. Those in the middle are likely to be under-baked, perhaps remaining frozen in the middle of the loaf and, if you are making allowance for the centre loaves, then the external loaves will be over-baked and too dark in crush colour - and perhaps dry when they should be baked but not arid.

Part baked breads can also be complete din th edeck ovens. As withte revent ovens there is a specific setting for 400g Frozen breads.



Part baked bagel and rolls.

Note the positioning of the bagels; this is not accidentl. Make use of your knowledge of the oven variables to get the best overall bake for the product.


Managers Note: Bakers will use the soft roll settings on the deck ovens as a time saver so as not to have to wait for temperature changes. While this is a valid point this temperature will not defrost / finish baking the part-baked loaves fully. Ensure that they use a temperature probe on one or more sample loaves to check that they are indeed baked. The temperature should be at least 74d C.


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