Packing Sticks and Batons.

Bagging station on shop floor for baguettes and batons.

Product from packing station ready to go to sales display.

These are the wide, backed bread crates. These are used in preferance to other types as the higher back supports rolls better and they are larger. Keeping standard numbers per tray gives a near 'at-a-glance' count of th eremaining breads. Useful for judging additional production calls.

As these trays are larger there are a number of things to note.

Sticks at QPIG length fit the trays exactly, usually two layers of ten.

Batons fit easily, usually 25 per tray

All 800g tin loaves fit 10 per tray.

All 400g tinned loaves fit 15 per tray.

Most packed rolls fit 24 or 30 packets per tray.

800g bloomers fit 8 per tray, 400g bloomers fit 10 per tray

Managers Note: Do not let packers return packed loaves to the cooling racks. They are for cooling the freshly baked bread, not for storage. Also do not allow packers and other staff to fill shelves 'by the arm full'. Carrying loaves out in their arms looks unprofessional and loaves are at risk of both being squashed (bloomers) and crusts damaged (tinned loaves), and of course dropped. The baskets are on wheel units so there is no excuse not to use them.



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