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Unlike us bakers ovens never get tired. Keeping them working all the time is an art in timing the proving so that when one bake is coming out of the ovens the next is ready to go in.

These racks are finishing the prove in th ebakery so that more racks can go into the provers. (just had the bags taken off).

Organic loaves, first bake, on the right laid up the day before and deforsting a little as we wait for the revent oven to come up to temperature for the bake off.

This is a full set for Confectionary ready to go.

The product is in trays in a particular order on the rack depended upon the oven variables so as to have all items properly baked at the same time. Doing so means that one rarely has to pull trays early of return a rack to the oven.

Things to note.

Danish Whirls and Puff paste products cook at a similar temperature / time and so are racked together. However the Apple Turnovers are at the top as this is the best position for an even bake.

The second from the left is a Crewe Rack. It is being used to store the goods before transfer to an oven rack.

On the third from left rack the smaller items are lower in the rack to allow for the rack oven hotspots.

The coolest position in the rack ovens is the bottom tray. The final (fourth) rack has Chocolate Twists at this position.

Crewe / Confectionary / Holding Racks



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