Work Stations. Tipping. Packing.

De-tin or tipping station.

Note the direct process path. Rack to table to cooling rack that is then pushed to the check weigh point and then onto the packing station.

Packing Station

Packing Station.

The tables have been rearranged to allow a rack to fit into place. This gets the rack away from the path of those putting bread on display and generally makes the area safer and tidier. Process path is from right to left but the ideal would be left to right. However the shape and space of the bakery disallow this more efficient and sensible option.

Things to Note.

Good placement of part-baked breads on the trays.

Rolls stacked too high. Those at the bottom will be flattened.

Under weight or QPIG failures in bread basket beneath Check-Weigh table.


Paste and cut station.

Main working point.


Things to note.

  • Flour ready for bloomers
  • Brush ready for tiger paste
  • Paper circle torn ready to cover proving tiger paste
  • Disposable cloth ready to hold baguette trays when cutting loaves. (Safety point as there is often moisture on the trays.)
  • Plastic bag keeps the baskets a little cleaner
  • Multi-seed additive bag protects the plastic.

The oven-mans' work station.


Tiger paste
    Tiger paste ready to prepare.
  • Things to note.
  • Tiger paste bowl and measuring jug.
  • Knife ready to cut paste mix bags
  • Water bucket and jug ready for use.

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