Skills - Tinned Breads

The same mix can be used in various tins, and these can be placed on the same rack for prove and bake.

mixed tin loaves

This is a rack of mixed breads, farmhouse, split and TTD tin.

Loaves from the prover ready to cut and return for the final prove.

If one catches the prove just right then the split tin cuts can be made with a long serrated knife with the long tins remaining on the rack. Otherwise the tins will have to be taken off the rack, cut, and returned. One would remove, flour and cut farmhouse loaves in all instances.

mixed types on the same bake

Mixing dough types on a rack does not work very successfully.

white tinned loaves

These loaves are over-proved when compared to the QPIG standard. This is because they were racked up with a different dough that proved more slowly.

Don't mix coloured and white doughs and be really careful mixing coloured doughs.

Wholemeal is 'fragile' and oat and multiseeded doughs prove at different rates.

white loaves - cooling rack

The same loaves but the mis-shape more easily seen.

mixed bake loaves

The oat topped is underbaked, the farmhouse over-proved.


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