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divider fault check


Divider: Intermitant Problem.

If the divider seems to be getting slower and slower ni operation then it may be that the thermo couple / solenoid is cutting out as the motor is starting to overheat..

To check if this is indeed the problem open up the right hand panel and lok at the control box. If the LED is displaying overload then that is indeed the problem

The work around is to switch the divider off for 10-15 minutes; but this is hardly helpful in a busy Bakery.

Eventually there is going to have to be a major replacement, perhaps of the motor. That is th eentire block as it is not servicable on site.

Credit: Alistair French 0668

part defrosting scones for a better bake

Helping the bake.

Defrosting scones between trays of cooling part baked products.

Scones bake better if fully de-frosted. The aim should be to have creamy sides and a golden brown top and bottom. By using the hot Danish trays interleaved with the frozen scones the defrost is much quicker but the trays not warmed too much.

Not enough dough for a complete number.

Odd dough overs.

Sometimes the production plan throws an odd number that is not divisible by three, or maybe you just need to use up the odd ends of dough. For a more even bake and to make the weight even for handling leave the middle pot clear.


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