Clearing Waste Bags.

waste bags pile

A number of things going wrong here.

Obstructing the confectioners fridge.

Blocking access to the cardboard roller.

Blocking access to the (very untidy) disposals cage.

Waste bags dumped, likely to fall over an dgenerally just in th eway.


Waste bags correctly placed on a 'roller.

Waste bags are rectagular and so when filled and tied can be stacked neatly on a roller at about eight or ten to the roller. Tightening the strap keeps them in place.

Last man in should set up two, perhaps three rollers depending on space, ready for the next day for disposals, cardboard and waste bags.

As the bags build up keep them secure by pressing down but also by keeping them neatly aligned. The strap helps a little as it presses the sides against the bags.

Bakers Note:

Behind the waste bags roller can be seen a rack of hand crafted breads waiting to go into the prover. Unfortunately it has not been 'bagged' so the dough il be forming a skin that will crack when it does start to prove spoiling the appearance of the crust. Always bag racks of bread or roll dough if it is going to be outside of the prover for more than a few minutes.

The only exception to this would be dough in sandwich tins that prove better left outside in the warmth.

waste flour bags

Waste flour bags flattened on a seperate roller.

Update: From January 2019 all flour bags are to be put into white waste bags and go with the general waste roller. They may no longer be put into the cardboard compactors.

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